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Tasty and Easy Sample Recipes

Here's a small sample of the tasty, quick and easy

recipes you can enjoy on Bodytone heath

You will eat healthy scrumptious food with all the taste and learn what works and what

doesn’t to boost your metabolism. Your food becomes your medicine.

Our members area has more than 30,000 recipes to choose from that you can create.

You can pick from the category or style or ingredient.

Learn how to combine your changes with preparing food for your household, while having

the full taste of real food. With tips on how to create the meals and snacks.

Chicken salad


Tomato & Mushroom Omlette


Salmon dish

Mediterranean Grilled Salmon with Spinach Salad - Alternate View

Lawry's Mediterranean Herb & White Wine Marinade

Strawberry Custard


Chocolate cake


Berry Smoothie