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Bodytone Heath makes

Forget Calorie counting

What is Bodytone Health?

Bodytone Health gets results fast. Improve your health and body image and feel good about you. It’s a lifestyle eating a sensible balanced diet.

Why is Bodytone Health different?

The focus is on improving your health, food is your medicine. We make it easy to achieve your goals, more than 30,000 recipes sothat you can cook for you and your family. Videos & TV Shows for your exercise at your convenience.

How does it work?

It’s a 12 week program that is sent to you and the members area has all the support so you can choose what you like – yoga – pilates – workouts – motivational & meditation videos.

You’ve failed before because you have tried to maintain a diet that is too
hard …….
Bodytone Health is a lifestyle so it’s easier to achieve your weight loss and
improve your
health over the long term. Easy to follow – easy to achieve.

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